There are no new ideas...

One of the truths I've always struggled to accept is that there are no new ideas.  How could that be true?  And yet, how could it not.  People have been around for thousands of years.  Even if your idea is the first of it's kind to get noticed, it is likely not the first idea of it's kind ever.  Lately, I have come to some peace with this.  The best one can do is try each new idea and enjoy oneself along the way.  Because, even if there are no new ideas.  There are plenty of exciting ones that will be new to you.

On this note, I have begun trolling the "Gen Y blogosphere" as it is called by Jaclyn Schiff of The Schiff Report.  There is a lot of junk out there to be sure, but there is also a lot of brilliance.  As I am always looking for new voices to add to my site I am going to begin recruiting this week.  If you haven't already, I hope you'll consider recruiting for me too.  to make THIS idea take off we are going to need more than just our current, though very insightful, authors, we are going to need to reach a critical mass of millennial voices, shouting, whispering, cajoling, and joking.  

It's our turn.  What's your idea?


  1. Love this idea-- I'm working on my entry!

  2. Hey Lilly, I definitely identify as a member of Gen. Y, even if I don't always think the analysis of this generation always defines me. But I'm really interested in hearing from some people who don't feel like the Gen. Y lable fits and why they think that...I definitely have some friends who feel that way!