Your Turn

by the Editor (b. 1982)

The Greatest Generation fought for freedom in World War II, the Boomer Generation fought for love, Generation X fought optimism, and now it's our turn. We are The Millennials, also known as Generation Y, and we are treading water right now, gearing up to fight for something. Right now "they" say we are selfish and self-interested, glued to TV, video games, and the web. "They" are shocked that we seemed to care about the 2008 presidential election and even the news stories noting our record turn-out at the polls insisted that it was only Obama's "star-quality" that got us there, not a genuine concern for the plight of our nation and the way we are viewed in the world. "They" don't know anything about us.

It is time to tell the world who we are.

This is not a political blog. There will be McCain voters, Obama voters, Christians, Jews, and non-believers writing on this site. The Millennial Generation in America is the most diverse one to hit the country since it began and it is our children who will tip the majority balance from white to brown by 2050. As your editor, I will do my utmost to reach out to the most diverse group of Millennial writers (politically, ethnically, religiously, geographically, career-ly and by every other possible measure) that I can get emails for. That said, my contacts are limited by my experience, so if you have something to say and you don't think your views are being represented here, email me your 200-400 word post, and I will upload it.* The only requirements for writing are that you were born between 1975 and 1990, and that your first post in some way relates to this fact.

*No profanity please. Also, I reserve the right to edit for basic spelling and grammar. I will ask your permission before making any changes beyond these.

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  1. I love what you're doing here. I can't submit to the site, but I thought you might enjoy this comedy post I did for madatoms: